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Michael Carter 503-556-3777
Superintendent Email Michael Carter
Lisa Skeans 503-556-3777
Administrative Assistant/Board Secretary Email Lisa Skeans
Larry Cook 503-556-3777
Technology Director Email Larry Cook
Graden Blue 503-556-4215
RJSHS Principal Email Graden Blue
Ms. Kim E. Oblack 503-556-4215
RJSHS Vice Principal Email Ms. Kim Oblack
Aaron Fugere 503-556-4215
RJSHS counselor Email Aaron Fugere
Heidi Blakley 503-556-0196
HPE Principal Email Heidi Blakley
Mrs. Megan Keplinger 503-556-0196
Dean of Students/Preschool Director Email Mrs. Megan Keplinger
Anne Montgomery 503-556-3777
NCA Principal Email Anne Montgomery
Heidi Schafer 503-556-9121
Special Education Director Email Heidi Schafer
Debby Webster 503-556-9121
Nutrition Services Director Email Debby Webster
Mary Goodwin 503-556-9140
Transportation Supervisor Email Mary Goodwin
Jim Knox 503-556-3777
Maintenance Supervisor Email Jim Knox
28168 Old Rainier Road | Rainer, OR 97048 | PH: 503-556-3777 | FX: 503-556-3778