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Pool Rules

1.       All persons must observe all health and sanitation rules regarding shower, bandages, spitting on the deck, etc.

2.       Running is not allowed on the pool deck.

3.       Diving is NOT ALLOWED anywhere in the shallow pool. (Unless it is being used under supervision of a swim team coach during practice and swim meets. Lifeguards that are trained may use a shallow dive to rescue a swimmer.) Beaver dive is acceptable in the shallow end. Diving is permitted in the deep pool only.

4.       Dangerous “horse-play” not allowed at any time.

5.       Do not allow patrons to put their arm around another patron’s neck.

6.       Persons will obey the lifeguards at all times.

7.       Street shoes are not allowed on the pool deck.

8.       Persons may not swim alone unless a lifeguard is on duty.

9.       Person under the influence of alcohol or drugs may not use the pool.

10.   Persons with a communicable disease will not be allowed to enter the pool.

11.   No cart wheels will be allowed on the deck or diving board.

12.   Keep your hands and feet to yourself. (No pushing or dunking)

13.   No flips or back jumps off the side of the pool.

14.   Keep discussions with lifeguard to a minimum.

15.   One person on diving board and slide at time.

16.   When going off the diving board or slide, wait till the lifeguard tells you to go. Before going off the board make sure the swimmer in front of you is to the side before going off the end of the diving board.

17.   Go straight off the end of the board.

18.   One bounce on the diving board

19.   Keep splashing games under control.

20.   Stay off the lane lines.

21.   Please keep the mats away from the sides of the pool and flat on the water.

22.   Do not stand on the mats near the edge of the pool.

23.   Balls are not to be thrown at a swimmers head.

24.   Keep off of the handicap chair.

25.   Do not jump from the yellow ladder.

26.   No Gum.

27.   Please face the pool when jumping/diving from the edge. Jumping in backwards, flips or other gymnastic stunts from the side is dangerous.

28.   Kickboards may be used for swimming lessons and lap swimmers. Kickboards are not allowed during free time. Purposefully sinking or standing on them is unsafe.

29.   No fighting.

30.   No use of profanity.

Locker Room Rules

1.        Do not leave valuables unattended.

2.       Walk in locker room.

3.       No standing on the bleachers.

4.       Turn off the showers when you are finished.

5.       Smoking or chewing is not allowed.

6.       No gum.

7.       Towel snapping is not allowed.

8.       No dressing in bathroom stalls.


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