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Swim Lessons

Swim Lesson Registration Form


We are not currently offering swimming lessons. However, dates and times of upcoming sessions will be posted here and on our Facebook page when they are determined. 



Swim Lesson Level Descriptions


*Not all levels are available at every set of lessons scheduled. Levels Armband-5 are always available. Levels can have limited entries per session.


Baby and Me

Introduction to the water with the help from their parent or guardian. Swimming, splashing, water toys, slides and playing with friends.



Getting to know the water! Minimum age of 3 years old; blow bubbles and learn to submerge face in water with the help of arm floaties. Water entry/exit and personal safety around water.

*No parents in the water level Armbands and up


Level 1

Water Exploration! Swimming with limited floating assistance, learning to swim independently. Water entry/exit and beaver dives. Learning to float on tummy in streamline and on back. Swimming on tummy and back; personal safety around water. Deep end introduction.


Level 2

Primary skills! Swimming without floaties,laerning breathing control and buoyancy. Water entry and exit, shallow end and deep end. Locomotion: front and back drills. Dives, changing direction and position in the water without help. Personal safety around water. Combined skills and drills.


Level 3

Buoyancy and breathing control: bobs, floating position, balance drills. Water entry and exit, jumping in, shallow end and deep end. Locomotion drills (more advanced) elementary backstroke introduction. Diving in deep end. Personal safety around water.


Level 4

Stroke development! Streamline swimming, breathing, and crawl stroke. Advanced diving with water entry and exit. Locomotion: elementary backstroke across pool, drills on front and back, Breastroke and butterfly introduction. Swim team turns on wall. Personal safety around water, introduction to CPR and rescue breathing. Combined skills: Swim 300 yards using 4 strokes.


Level 5

Stroke refinement! Stride jump, standing dive, water entry and exit. Locomotion: Breastroke coordinating arms and legs. Turns,safety, and combined skills. Treading water, swim 400 yards using multiple strokes learned. Rescue breathing without contact, introduction to CPR.


Level 6

Fitness swimmer! Endurance skills, Turns, New skills and information. Swim 500 yards continuously using swim team strokes.


*Not always available

Level 7

*13-15 years old only

Lifeguard readiness!  New skills and information out of American Red Cross books. Fitness of a lifeguard: swimming requirements, water extractions, rescues, CPR and rescue breathing. ETC.


*Not part of swim lessons*


  •  Able to be American Red Cross lifeguard certified.
  •  Talk to management about certification course. 


*For additional information e-mail or give us a call at    (503) 556-4217





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