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Exercise Class and Lap swim

Monday - 7 AM-8 AM

Tuesday - 7 AM-8 AM

Wednesday - 7 AM-8 AM

Thursday - 7 AM-8 AM

No Friday




Senior Citizens (60 and older)--------------------$2.50

Individual One year Pass--------------------------$250.00

Adults (exercise pass/24 visit)--------------------$65.00

Senior Citizens (exercise pass/24 visit)----------$50.00

Child (24 visit pass)-------------------------------$50.00


*Children 6 years or younger, or less than 4 feet tall, will be denied admission unless accompanied by a responsible supervisor, or given permission by a Briarcliff Pool Manager.

28168 Old Rainier Road | Rainer, OR 97048 | PH: 503-556-3777 | FX: 503-556-3778