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Welcome Back to School

Welcome Back to School Letter 2017-2018

Michael Carter

Superintendent Rainier School District #13

We are here to Discover:

It is hard to believe that another year is about to begin in the Rainier School District.  While most of the school community has taken a break in the formal educational process, many of us have been busy preparing for the up and coming year. The excitement level is extremely high with wonderful anticipation for the school year to begin, and we will witness the wonders that the academic year will bring to our students and faculty.  The French scientist Louis Pasteur once wrote, “When I approach a child, he inspires me in two sentiments: tenderness for what he is and respect for what he may become.”  As educators, these words are timeless, the faculty and staff of the Rainier School District are very excited about the future of the students that we educate.  Each and every child that enters the school district is someone special and extremely valued.  Every student will discover new and exciting things this year and they will grow in so many areas.  This process is what brings the joy of teaching to each and every Rainier Staff member.

For a brief moment, bring your thoughts to a time when you first “discovered” something on your very own. Perhaps it was when you first discovered that an object could float in the water, or the time when the multiplication table that you struggled with so very long finally clicked and you “discovered” the reason behind it. Suddenly the solution became clear and it all made sense.  Whatever the occasion was for you, try to think back to that time and remember what you felt.  There was a joy, and an exhilaration in that special discovery and your mind expanded with new knowledge and understanding.  That discovery made all the difference to you, and what was once incomprehensible suddenly became clear and new meaning was added to your life.  The joy of learning and discovery is what school is all about and each and every child learns differently utilizing their own style and method. 

As the school year begins in Rainier, we are on the brink of new discovery with a lot of opportunities for every student in our district to learn and reach their true potential. As educators, we offer new avenues of knowledge that may well lead each of our students to “discover” a new aspect of understanding and knowledge.  This is an opportunity that should not be wasted, as parents, we ask that you push your son/daughter to achieve more and to constantly discover new learnings.  The school district offers multiple opportunities to expand each student’s perspectives; opportunities to exchange new information and ideas, and their potential is endless.

Man is unique from all other animals because of our thinking ability. Of all the powers that mankind possesses the ability to reason and to think things out affords the opportunity to improve and better themselves. School is all about providing the pathway to discover new and wonderful things! This year will be a banner year for the Rainier School District. 

With open minds that are hungry for new ideas, let us begin our important educational partnership and continue our journey of discovery.

If you need anything, please give me a call or drop me an email if I can assist you and your family in anyway.


Michael Carter

Superintendent Rainier School District #13



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