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Staff Forms

Folder Forms (11 Files)
pdf file Car Request
pdf file Direct Deposit
doc file Emergency Draw Request
xls file Employee Update Form
pdf file Professional Dev Request
xls file Quote Form
xls file Travel/Expense Reimb 2016
pdf file TSA Announcement 2016
pdf file TSA Salary Reduction Agreement
pdf file Tuition Request
pdf file W-4 2016
Folder Certified Staff Calendars (2 Files)
pdf file HPE Teacher Calendar 17/18
pdf file RJSHS NCA Teachers
Folder Classified Staff Calendars (2 Files)
pdf file Cooks & IA`s 17 18
pdf file Secretary 17 18 Calendar
Folder OSEA Contract (1 Files)
pdf file OSEA Contract
Folder REA Contract (1 Files)
pdf file REA Contract 17-19
Folder Staff Handbook (2 Files)
pdf file Acknowledgement of Receipt
pdf file Staff Handbook
Folder Teacher Handbook (1 Files)
pdf file Teacher Handbook
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