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Responsibilities of the Board
The Rainier School Board is responsible for providing a quality educational program for over 1207 Students District students. The board's main job is to establish District policy. Board members serve four-year terms without pay.
The Board hires the superintendent, who is responsible to carry out Board policies, provide educational leadership and manage the District's budget and staff.
The superintendent administers the district’s programs and operations in accordance with the policies and guidelines established by the school board and the State of Oregon. The superintendent works directly with district administrative staff to manage the district. Building principals are responsible to the superintendent for the administration of each school’s education programs and operations.

Public Participation
To get in touch with any Director, you may contact him/her directly or call School Board Secretary Mary Akin at 503-556-3777 or

Mailing Address for the Board Board of Directors:
Rainier School District #13
28168 Old Rainier Rd.
Rainier, OR 97048

Members   Email school board at
Dale Archibald, Director
At Large Zone 2, Rainier #1, Expires 2017
27064 Old Rainier Road
Rainier, OR 97048
Sean Clark, Chairperson 
Zone 4, Goble/Prescott, Expires 2015
69144 Nicolai Rd.  PO Box 415
Rainier, OR 97048
Phone: 503-556-3727 
Penny Blahm, Director 
Zone 6, At large, Expires 2015
73583 Debast Road
Rainier, OR 97048
Rod Harding, Director
Zone 3, Rainier #2, Expires 2015
28893 Hirtzel Road
Rainier, OR 97048
Bill Scholten, Director
Zone 1, Delena, Expires 2017
23408 Beaver Falls Rd
Clatskanie, OR 97016
Monica Rea, Director
Zone 7, Expires 2017
PO Box 403
Rainier, OR 97048
Phone:  503-556-2934
Chad Womack, Vice Chair
Zone 5, Apiary, Expires 2017
25546 Wolden Road
Rainier, OR 97048