Welcome to the Technology Department

Through the use of technology, learning can take place anywhere and at any time in a school setting, the public library or at home. This vision has major implications on how, when and where learning takes place. Students will increasingly take more responsibility for their own education, with the instructional staff guiding their inquiries and reflecting on their process. Technology is not an end or add on, but provides an environment that facilitates teaching and life-long learning.

Our vision for the community of learners is to increase their achievement and develop life-long learning skills through active engagement with informational and technology resources.

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Larry Cook, Technology Director
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Web site tutorials:

Tools for Teaching Online

  1. Moodle - Learning management system for content delivery, student assessment, student <==> teacher communication.
  2. Jing - Screen capture and video demonstration recording software for creating short teaching videos and presentations (videocasting)
  3. Google Sites - Shared web publishing and content management system for content delivery, student interaction and publication.
  4. Picasa image editing and Picasa Web gallery - Image editing and hosting tools
  5. Youtube - Video publishing for instructional content
  6. Audacity - Podcast recording and editing
  7. iTunes - Podcast and videocast publishing
  8. Google Voice & Video Chat - VOIP phone and video service
  9. Blogger.com - Classroom publishing for teachers and students
  10. Google forms - formative assessments and data collection


Technology General Info:

What about email spam

Office 2007 tips

Connecting your laptop & projector

How to Change computer login password