Facilities Rental

Organizations, community and otherwise, may be permitted to utilize school facilities so long as it doesn’t conflict with the purpose and function of Rainier Schools, and/or does not interfere with or damage school programs, facilities or grounds.  In the event of an emergency or the need to reschedule school district events the district reserves the right to change prior bookings and reservations to accommodate the first priority, to run school district programs.  Private individuals holding personal functions shall be allowed the rental of the facilities.  All fees and provisions shall be made in accordance with Board Policies and Administrative Rules.  Fees shall cover actual costs to the district. CODE:  KG

Rainier School District Facility Use and Policy Regulation

Fee Schedule for us of Facilities Policy- KG-AR(4)

Community Use Policy- KG

Rules and Regulations KG-AR(3)


Complete and save the Facility Use Form and then email this form to the appropriate building contact listed below. Facility Use requests are determined on a quarterly basis.

Confirmation letters will be emailed to you if your email address is provided on the form.

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