Native Voices

Mission: A safe haven to enhance our culture while continuing to learn about our heritage through trips, storytelling, projects and native education.

Land Statement:

The land you stand on today is the same land that many Indigenous people lived on before settlers arrived. On this land they gathered together to dance and sing, to hunt for animals and plants, play games, tell stories, cook meals and raise families. There are Indigenous people still here among us and they are still connected to this land.

The Rainier School District Native Voices Club is seeking parents of Native American children interested in participating in planning the student activities sponsored by Title VI funds.  If you have immediate questions about our program, please contact Shayne Ochoa, Student Services Director at 503 556-3777 or Kristine Langley, Parent Committee Chairperson at 360-431-4784 or

Calling all parents, grandparents, and family members of students who identify as Native American

Native Voices needs your help.

We are looking for resources and ideas to share and make our program better. Forms will go home in September. Please fill out and return to school with your student if you are interested in sharing or contact us directly.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns,


Shayne Ochoa - Project Director                                                  Kristine Langley                                       Melissa Pratt

503-556-3777 Ext. 413                                                                    360-431-4784                                       503-556-377, ext 412