Safety and Security

The Rainier School Board is seeking open-minded community volunteers interested in participating on a committee tasked with exploring options for RSD #13 campus and facility safety and security. The committee will consist of School Board Members, Administrative personnel, staff and community members/parents. The committee is asked to develop recommendations for the safety and security enhancement/improvement to the existing school campus and facilities to present to the Rainier School Board. A commitment would require evening meeting work sessions from 1 to 2 hours in length up to twice per month. To apply for consideration for appointment to this important committee please fill out the linked form and mail to Rainier School District Board Chair Darren Vaughn at P.O. Box 601 Rainier, OR 97048 or email to before May 13th. For questions about this committee please contact Darren Vaughn by email the email above or call at 208-631-4203.