RSD Meals During School Closure

Cropped Lunch Plate

Update 3/30/2020:

Please see the Documents section below for the most current meal delivery bus route information.


Update 3/19/2020:

If you have opted in for meal delivery during the school closure, on Friday, March 20, we will be delivering a 5-day supply of breakfast and lunch with your meal.  Next week we will not have daily bus deliveries or drop locations.  Please be prepared to pick up this larger quantity of food at about the time you have been getting your meals the last two days.  Buses may be a few minutes late due to the extra food.

If you are sick, please let the staff know, so we can have minimal contact with you and your family members.  We may put your food on the bottom step and let you pick it up from there rather than handing you food.

Questions, please email


Please see the document below for meal delivery times. Also, please be at the bus stop 10 minutes before the posted time.  Deliveries can be 10 minutes on either side of the scheduled delivery time.  If you are picking up food for multiple people, please bring a bag or box for your meals.  We do not have enough boxes to give out to families. 


If you miss your bus during the route, we have five drop points where buses will be from 12:00-12:30.  They are: Alston Assembly of God Church, Riverside Church, Rainier Assembly of God Church, Goble School, and Rainier School District Campus (Airlock/Commons).  *Look for the school bus at all sites.



During March 16-20 and 30-31, Rainier School District will provide meals to ALL families.  To opt in, please email: or call 503.556.3777, Ext. 262 or 503.556.4215, Ext. 260.  Buses will bring food to your bus stop.  Pick up locations will also be available similar to our summer lunch program.  Check out the flyer below for specific details.

Cropped Lunch Plate