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School Board

Visit the Rainier School District #13 YouTube channel to tune into the School Board meetings each month. Meetings are currently open to the public with limited capacity. Board meetings are held in the district board room. Public comment forms can be filled out in person at the meeting or by completing this form.


Board Member Application



Regular School Board meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m.

The Rainier School Board is responsible for providing a quality educational program for over 1,000 students. The Board's main job is to establish District policy. Board members serve four-year terms without pay. The Board hires the Superintendent, who is responsible to carry out Board policies, provide educational leadership and manage the District's budget and staff.


The Superintendent administers the District’s programs and operations in accordance with the policies and guidelines established by the Board and the State of Oregon. The Superintendent works directly with district administrative staff to manage the District. Building principals are responsible to the Superintendent for the administration of each school’s educational programs and operations.


To get in touch with any Board director, you may contact them directly or call the School Board Secretary, Shalana Clark @ 503-556-3777 ext. 402.

Do you have something to say to the School Board?

An email message sent to will be immediately forwarded to all School Board members and the Superintendent. If you would like a response from the Board, please provide your name and preferred method of contact. The Board Chair will respond as soon as possible.

Anonymous messages will not be responded to.

Mailing Address for the Board Board of Directors:
Rainier School District #13 
28168 Old Rainier Rd. 
Rainier, OR 97048

Oregon School Boards Association

National School Boards Association

School Board Members


Elizabeth Richardson 

Director, Zone 1
Phone: 503-369-6093

Eric Schimmel

Chairperson, Zone 2
Phone: 503-556-3777

Charles Weaver 

Director, Zone 3
Phone: 503-556-3777

Adam Zytniowski

Director, Zone 4
Phone: 503-556-3777


Christine Usher

Vice Chairperson, Zone 5
Phone: 503-556-2261





 Zone 6 At Large
Please apply at District Office



Ed Guinto 

Director, Zone 7 At Large
Phone: 503-556-3777





Board Meetings

Board meetinga are held on the first Monday of the month starting at 6:30. They are open to the public and are livestreamed on the district youtube channel. Please check below for notices of future meetings and board minutes of past meetings. Scheduled board meetings for 2024-2025.