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About RSD13

Rainier School District's Mission Statement

A spirited learning community that is student-centered, safe,

academically focused, and dedicated to preparing every student

for success in the global society in which we live.


Pillar Number One:  Student Success

Pillar Number Two: Effective and Consistent Communication

Pillar Number Three: Respectful and Positive Culture

Pillar Number Four: Effective, Collaborative, Professional Development and Staff Acknowledgement

Pillar Number Five: Facilities and Technology Development

Pillar Number Six: Safe and Healthy School Environment


Rainier is an area rich in the histories of logging, lumber and fishing. The community has all of the advantages of a small town while allowing easy access to large metropolitan and recreational areas. 

Portland - approximately one hour away 
Seattle - approximately two hours away 
Mt. Hood – an hour away 
Seaside – an hour away 

Recreational opportunities include hiking, boating, fishing and hunting. The climate is moderate and the scenery is beautiful. The river allows viewing of large freighters, sail boats and other pleasure craft.


Rainier was founded in 1851 on the south bank of the Columbia River by Charles E. Fox and was originally named Eminence. The name Rainier was taken from Mount Rainier in Washington, which can be seen from hills above the city.

Rainier is surrounded by a number of rural communities. In the past, these places acted as separate communities. Today, most businesses and services have left these rural sites and the communities are part of a large unincorporated area that receives services out of Rainier. These communities include Fern Hill, Hudson, Alston, Apiary, Goble, and Prescott. Residents here may say they live in Rainier or will alternatively use the name of the individual community. In the mid-seventies, these rural areas, many with their own schools, were all consolidated into the current Rainier School District.